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Infiniti2 sees the relationship with our customers as a collaboration.

We’re here to give you advice and present you with your options. You’ll be the one in control, making the decisions.

Book a free, no-obligation home visit and we’ll work together to establish your aims. What room are you looking to transform? What kind of storage do you need?

Whatever the size or shape of the space you’d like to fill, we’ll create a perfect fit. We’ll measure up the area and make sure all the details of the design brief are clear, before moving onto the internal elements of the furniture.

We can give your clothes a new lease of life and find accessible storage to suit your living room or office too. We’ve got shelves, shirt drawers, hanging laundry baskets, extendable hangers, shoe racks…and more! You will decide on all of these important elements and then we will discuss how your furniture doors should open and close, to optimize your space.

Next comes design and aesthetics. You can choose from our wide range of furniture finishes: we’ve got wood effect, colour vinyl, rattan, bamboo or even picture graphics – why not turn the furniture into a work of art!

Your design takes shape

We build your furniture plans using our advanced 3D software so you’ll see the visual design take shape in front of you. The programme means we can change any aspect of the design, so you find the very best fit.

The 3D software calculates costs straight from each design element that’s created, so you’ll have a clear-cut cost at the end of the session.

Each furniture blueprint is unique so you’ll end up something that was tailor-made just for you; something that will organise your home and make it more spacious, giving you more room to live.

In the making…

Once your custom design is finalized, the journey from blueprint to reality begins. Our skilled artisans, working with trusted partners, meticulously craft each piece of your unique furniture. Using premium materials and precision techniques, we ensure your bespoke wardrobes and cupboards are constructed to the highest standards.

As we transform your vision into tangible form, rest assured that your bespoke creation is in expert hands, bringing unparalleled quality and style directly to your home.

The perfect fit

The installation is the really exciting bit, when everything comes together, in your own space! Your furniture will be fitted by trained installers and once the job is done, they’ll take away every last bit of packaging and hoover up too.

Your new polished and sparkling furniture will be the only clue that anyone was ever there!

  • Infiniti 2
    Igor & Alek
    We chose Komandor for our first retail venture because we were so impressed with the quality of the products and the commitment that the company showed to getting it right. We’ve been on the high street for three years now and the support from the Komandor team has been second to none – they’ve been with us every step of the way.
  • Houzz Project
    Gary Williams
    Excellent experience from start (walking into the shop in Bristol) to end.Communication has been excellent throughout and they even managed to make it to the house to finished the fitting in the snow! As well as the service, also very happy with the product. Solid, smooth and has a quality feel. We have quite a high ceiling and the wardrobes are fitted floor to ceiling without being split into two levels (something others wardrobe companies we talked to couldn’t do).Thank you Igor & Alek, would highly recommend.
  • Houzz Project
    Nicola George
    Igor & Alek and their team were exceptional, we had a difficult job and I am very picky. Igor & Alek and their team helped us deign a custom installation. The attention to detail and customer service was brilliant. On top of that the team were great to work with, always jolly, on time and very professional. Highly recommended.
  • Houzz Project
    Angelica Ramos
    Very professional team, knowledgeable of the products and how they suit needs, great finished quality, made to deadline and within budget. We will use them again. To build a fitted wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, Igor & Alek and their team worked really well, both throughout the consultation and the construction processes. They were very flexible around ours needs, and very accommodating with their schedule around the busy pre-Christmas period. The different design alternatives were clearly presented and priced, and Igor & Alek's replies were always swift and complete. Great service and communications, and very personable team.
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